W.I.P. Spaceship Driving

  • Game Info

Genre: Arcade

Released: 22 August 2010

Developed/Publisher: C4D Games

Version Available: 1.3

  • Synopsis

A giant meteor is going to destroy Mytral, an ancient planet populated by a high tech civilization.

Drive the engineers by space buses and help them building a super rocket to escape from the planet before the inevitable impact.

It's a countdown with no other ways: just your ability and the space buses at your disposal.

Let's go: the Work is In Progress.

  • Gameplay

  • Each level features numbered platforms and engineers waiting to be carried to the destinations.
  • The player drives the buses by tapping on them and drawing their fligh paths.
  • To take an engineer on board, simply land on the platform he is waiting on.
  • Features

  • Space bus driving by touch screen!
  • Excellent graphic with stunning backgrounds!
  • Great soundtracks!
  • Story Mode Gameplay with 24 levels with increasing level difficulty to help the robots escaping from the planet!
  • Challenge Mode Gameplay with easy, medium and hard level to achieve your best scores!
  • W.I.P. is OpenFeint Enabled.
  • W.I.P. is GameCenter Enabled (iOS4.1 device only).
  • Social Gaming Network: Unlock 17 achievements (500points) and beat the highest scorers of the 4 leaderboards.
  • Screenshot

  • Video

  • Staff

  • Alessio Atzeni - Web Designer / Assistant Developer
  • Aldo Scoppa - Composer & Sound Designer / Level Designer
  • Mad - Graphic Artist & Coordinator / Level Editing
  • Paolo Lamanna - Lead Graphic Artist
  • Pasquale Lanzieri - Graphic Artist
  • Selvin - Game Developer & Designer / Coordinator
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