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Astro Slayers


Mar 2011

Astro Slayers

Astro Slayer
We are working on a new absorbing game: ASTRO SLAYERS, a revisit of the mythic Asteroids, plus videos and innovations.

Posted March 28th, 2011 in Astro Slayers


  1. cardaddy:

    I like the template of your website! It looks really great.

  2. Marcus:

    Any news on Astro Slayers? I though W.I.P. was pretty good and was curious what else you guys were up to.

  3. admin:

    Hi Marcus,

    we are working on it. Follow us on our blog, in these days we will put some images about Astro Slayers.
    Thank you for W.I.P. any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you to all.

    C4D Games

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