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Aug 2010

C4D Games: WIP Beta

This is our first blog as C4D Games, a young team, founded in late 2009, at their first experience in this challenging world that is the game development.
Our artists use primarily C4D, hence our name as C4D Games.


Since we joined together, our first rule has always been to be realistic. We know well how easy is starting a game and how extremely hard is to complete it.
This is why, first of all, we have chosen the Torque technology. Torque is a game engine having all the necessary components to make any kind of game.

Torque Game Builder

Having a wide choice and after discussing several options we came up with a decision: a 2D game for iPhone using the touch screen functionality. In other words our first project called W.I.P. (Work In Progress).
W.I.P. gameplay is simple:

  • Each level features numbered platforms and engineers waiting to be carried to the destinations.
  • The player drives the buses by tapping on them and drawing their fligh paths.
  • To take an engineer on board, simply land on the platform he is waiting on.

Here some screenshots:

Main Menu

Screenshot of the intro sequence of the Story Mode.

Gameplay of the Story Mode

All modelling has been done in 3D and then adapted to the 2D formats required in iTGB (iphone Torque Game Builder). After 9 months of hard working the game is in Beta testing. We spent most of the time understanding the tools (iTGB, xcode, asset formats) and building the team. We are aiming to finish the tests and to fix the remaining bugs soon and start the process of publishing on the Apple Store.

Stay Tuned.
C4D Games

Posted August 7th, 2010 in W.I.P. Work In Progress

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